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Eric Kirby / Fine Art

I grew up in a small town south of Boston in the cranberry bogs midst the myriad primordal soups that were my playground for nature exploration... analyzing water life and insects has always fascinated me, wherever there was water.... I was to be found.

It's funny to look back on the events in our lives that impact us artistically. I started drawing intensely at a very young age and won a few art contests while in grammar school...with encouragement from my high school art teacher I began taking summer courses at the Museum of Fine Art in Boston...painting to music...now that was a new one..  Ravels "Bolero" sticks in my mind.

Onward to the Art Intitute of Boston for 4 years ( and avoiding the Vietnam draft ) Commercial Art and Advertising design...my last year I enrolled in the Fine Art Program... where I should have started !

Probably my biggest life changing art event was seeing the Claude Monet exhibit of his newly cleaned and restored paintings around 1970....here was nature like I had never seen it before...so simple, so direct and so powerful...I was in heaven for days and still am ! 

As luck would have it I traveled to Europe with my easel and paints in 1980 and just by chance landed at Claude Monet's estate in Giverny the very day of the Grand Opening!....this was meant to happen, the gods were smiling down on me.  Things have never been the same since and I became an impressionist for life !

I have been painting my entire life inbetween being a graphic designer for 30 yrs and finally retired to Oregon in 2018 where everyday I enjoy the lovely nature of So. Oregon and my art studio!


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